Different types of child adoption

adoption process Different types of child adoptionIt is a very important decision to adopt a child and this should be considered carefully. This process involves a lot emotional and monetary investment. Generally, there are some terms involved in this process that most people might not be familiar with. The following will give you a list of the different types of child adoption as well as their meanings.

Agency Adoption: Prospective parents can choose a private or public agency. The public agencies are generally cheaper and will offer services from 0$ – $2,000 based on the state. These agencies have less stringent eligibility prerequisites for parents and will be the best place to look for special needs children. However, this adoption process might take long if you don’t have home study information ready.

Private agencies can provide faster processing, but will be more expensive with prices between $6,000 and $25,000. These agencies have stricter requirements for eligibility and might enlist parents according to race, affiliation, religion and so on. Birth mothers will also have the choice to select the adoptive parents for their baby.

Closed Adoption: With this procedure, parents can adopt in secret where birth parents will not know the child. Records of the natural parents will be sealed and stored as confidential data. A second birth certificate will be amended and issued with the adoptive parents name as if they are the natural parents.

Domestic Adoption: This involved the adoption of any child in the same country where the adoptive parents resides.

Foster Adoption: Generally starts out as a short-term arrangement to find a suitable place for the child to live whenever the biological parents cannot care for them. After the child is free legally, the foster parents could take formal steps for adoption.

International/Intercountry Adoption: This adoption takes when the adoptive parents and the child lives in separate countries. A lot of paperwork is involved in this process and it’s the most expensive option for anywhere between $7,000 and $30,000. This can be completed privately through an attorney or an international adoption agency.

Interjurisdictional Adoption: This process is when the adoptive parents and the child live in different jurisdictions, which means different counties or states with specific adoption laws.

Independent Adoption: This process would not involve a licensed agency, but will be completed through a lawyer, doctor or any other mediator, as well as the birthmothers, selected adoptive parent and the child.

Regardless of the option that you decide to take you should know about the legal rights involved. Ensure that you conduct your own research and explore the different options carefully, because you need to be well-prepared for this life changing journey.

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