How Adoption is a Wonderful Thing

I can remember when I was a child and seeing the red brick building and checkered pattern tiles. That was where we first took in our new son from the orphanage. He was clothed in a cap, jacket and shorts with a long pair of socks.

He was five years of age at the time but wasn’t much bigger than a 3 year old at all. That was expected however as the food orphanage provides may cause that to occur. My mother got a new brother and son for the family who we all love.

1131995 open adoptions monroe ms new beginnings open adoptions How Adoption is a Wonderful ThingThis opened the door to me, not being able to have a child of my own to adopt children and as a result my husband and I adopted 5 children. A lot of time has passed and they are now ranging from 38 – 55.

My family have received so much joy from adopting as it not only allowed us to be able to have a family that we always wanted but also the same issues that any family will have. But we got through it together and it only brought us closer.

A sad fact that exists now is that babies are not common now as previous times. There are now a large number of children that are older that is up for adoption. So for some adoptive mothers who wants to be able to raise a newborn or a child that is about a year or two years of age will find that hard to accomplish.

If you have your own child you may still adopt and even if you are a single woman or mother. All that is required is that you have a sturdy financial backing and also a great plan and structure in place to raise a child effectively and efficiently.

The procedures used or followed by the agencies are straight forward and you can expect to get a visit from the social worker to revise the adoption process. After selecting the characteristics of the child that you would want to adopt it is all about searching. There will also be a home study that will have to be done. No need to worry here as the agencies are not too harsh as they were.

It can as much as 30 days to complete a home study. When this is done you will be able to see the child that you want. You will start by visiting the child without them knowing they are being watched. After that the child you selected will be allowed to have the idea of being adopted.

The last step includes you visiting the child face to face. This may go one for a few hours and then they will be able to spend a weekend or night with you. If you are 100% in acceptance of the arrangement then the child will be staying with you permanently. You will get all the necessary forms like signed papers and a new birth certificate.

The boy I mentioned earlier turned out to be a retired Senior Master Sergeant with children and grandchildren of his own. Adoption is wonderful for giving children the opportunity to reach somewhere in life and have a chance at a comfortable life.

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