Raising a Child of another Race

It is very hard to prepare yourself to raise an adopted child that is biracial due to the lack of information that exists. There is little to no information about their birth or medical history that could have been passed on by their biological parents.

Also we cannot expect that the child if adopted at a very young age will know much about their own culture and as a result we will have to teach them when the time is right.

Single adoptive mothers will have to learn about the culture of their new addition to the family in order to not only teach them but to also to allow them to integrate in their new home smoothly.

Experts have made a list of recommendations that can be used to helps single mothers who have adopted a biracial baby. They are;

1.      To live in multicultural residential areas.

2.      Advocate for fair unbiased educational materials.

3.      Communicate with persons that are the same race as the child.

4.      Look for mentors or role models that are of the same race.

5.      Prepare and eat some of the dishes that are from the child’s birth country.

6.      Ensure to apply special maintenance of the child’s hair and skin.

7.      Be open about the existence of racism.

8.      Go on trips to the child’s native country.

9.      Celebrate all cultures

10.  Lastly ensure to make the home a positive cultural environment.

21490333 e1297108883398 Raising a Child of another RaceI must say however that there is not any set blueprint or guidelines that will ensure that your child of mixed race will end up being proud of his heritage.

Ultimately it’s all about facing the challenge of raising a biracial child and doing what is best to ensure that you preserve their heritage while helping them to embrace their new one.

I will conclude to say that following the guidelines mentioned in this article is your best bet to raising a biracial infant to being confident and open to his own identity.

There may be surprises along the way. It all comes down to the willingness to adjust and make comprises to your own traditions as a single mother and make your home and family a place that supports all features of both culture and heritage to make one that is unique and accepting. Trans-racial parenting is not an easy task but it also not impossible to carry out.

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