Single Women and Adopting

Over the years there has been an increase in the amount of single mothers that are being established. We also see where over-time women who are single and educated in their 30s and 40s who wants to be mothers turn to adopting to become parents.

There have also been steady increases in both international and domestic adoptions for the past 10 years. Out of the two types of adoption, the international process is much less time consuming and it even has a greater possibility of adopting a younger child.

On the other hand domestic adoption is where the biological mothers are the ones who chose the family to grant the privilege to adopt their child. In most cases couples are chosen over the single parents. For that reason singles have a better chance of adopting a child via the international medium.

adopting abroad catherines story 360x240 Single Women and AdoptingWomen who go to the adoption agencies to adopt a child will disclose that working for the many years to build their career have set them back and made having a child of their own risky or impossible and some also admit that they are now necessarily looking for a relationship at the moment. However there are a few single mothers who want to remain single until the child reaches adulthood.

We must admit that this new transition in life for single women or mothers will definitely be hard. It wills never an easy task. The burden will be on only one person financially, emotionally and physically, so single mothers will have to make sure that they are as prepared as a married couple.

To be more successful at getting a child to adopt is by making sure that you have a great support system from your family and friends. Some single mothers are closely knitted with their family and as a result will get a lot of support that will make the new job as a mother even more manageable when they are raising their bundle of joy.

For any single mother or woman to overcome and be accepted they will have to do the following;

  1. Single women should have a reliable and strong supportive system. This is where they have family members or friends close by that they can rely on to help them with the child whenever they do need help.
  2. Evaluate your financial position. This is where you will have a plan that shows how you will be able to provide for the child as times passes. This shows that you are prepared and serious about taking care of the new addition to your home and also shows that you are stable.
  3. Finally you should believe in yourself and your ability to raise a child on your own. When you approach agencies and adoptive resources you should express your confidence and your determination to make it work.

If you ensure to have all the above points in place you will prove that you are worthy to take the child you want home with you and will be more convincing to the agencies and also to the birth mother or parents that you are a perfect fit. A single woman with a strong and unique character and great parenting capabilities are the ones that should be considered to be given a child to care for.

It is unfair for us as a society to only feel that married couples are suitable to raise children and give them the better chance of adopting instead of singles. This is so as not every married couple will indeed stay together and likewise it should not be assumed that all singles will remain single right throughout the child’s life.

I would like to point out that there are many other things that should be considered when a single woman seeks to adopt a child. You should consider visiting these organizations to get some help;

  • Single Parent Resource Center
  • National Council for Single Adoptive Parents
  • Adoption Resource Exchange for Single Parents

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