The Different Types of Adoption

adoption The Different Types of AdoptionEach year, thousands of women will experience nine months of unexpected pregnancy. In North America alone, this result in thousands of babies being placed in homes after they were given up by their birth mothers for adoption. Even though the process for adoption is long, time consuming and filled with a lot of anticipation, paperwork and at times heartache, most people will embark on this journey every day just to get a baby. Continue reading to know about the different types of adoption.

There are actually two types of adoption, which is the private and public. Although these have similar goals to place children in healthy and loving homes, there are big dissimilarities between the two and couples must be aware of these before starting the adoption process.

Public Domestic Adoption

This is available free of cost to potential parents and can be help of to those who have spent a lot money trying to get pregnant or for couples with limited finances. The babies and children are generally wards of the state from unplanned pregnancies as well as troubled or neglected homes, so their birth families will not be involved in the process. The waiting period to get a healthy baby could be as much as eight years, but it’s possible to get a child if prospective parents are prepared to take special needs and/or older children.

Private Adoption

This is when a couple decides to use the services of an adoption agency or look for a prospective mother by themselves. In North America, private adoption can be classified as Open and International.

Open Adoption

When a woman becomes pregnant and want to find a home for her unborn baby, she will contact the agencies or put ads in legal places to find prospective parents. A birth mother will select the couple that is believed to more suitable for her child. Once a couple is selected and they take the baby home, this will give the birth mother a short time period to change her mind. Often times this will happen and could be extremely heartbreaking for everybody involved. Couples who are considering this type of adoption must know about all the cost involved as well as the fact that birth mothers will probably become a part of their expanded family unit.

International Adoption

This is the latest addition to the adoption options because of its popularity in the last few decades with celebrities. This process is done in private with a local agency and couples generally have to wait a couple of years. Generally, officials in the country where the child lives will make the selection from an orphanage. Adoptive parents must travel to that country and complete numerous documents to get the rights that will allow them to adopt and pay fees as much as $50,000 which includes traveling and accommodations.

When all is said and done, all of the process will have advantages and disadvantages. The reality is that adoption is much harder than most people believe because you are talking about human lives. In essence, the wish is for unwanted children to find love and joy the arms of a happy and healthy couple.

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